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Demystifying the mysterious world of hair replacement

by Victoria T |

Shining a light on the world of hair replacement

The subject of our first blog post has had us scratching our heads all week, especially me! My name is Victoria and I’m the Hair Hub wordsmith; the creative scribe tasked with guiding customers through the often-perceived complicated process of buying and wearing hair replacement systems.

Customers often tell me that they have been bamboozled by the pseudo-scientific jargon; the waffle marketing folk use to create an illusion that there’s more to hair replacement than meets the eye. But being a hair replacement wearer shouldn’t be complicated, stressful or painful. Neither should anyone be paying over the odds for a new hair system. Anything over a few hundred pounds is just daylight robbery. Thing is, some companies need to keep you in the dark to justify the high price tag. We know; we’ve been in the dark ourselves.

Fortunately, reputable online suppliers like Hair Hub have stepped in to try and put an end to the rip-offs and questionable practices. Truth is, whilst making a hair system is hugely skilled and time-consuming – imagine weaving by hand, thousands of strands of hair into a super-fine base of material, exhausting! – the concept is remarkably straight-forward.

The craft behind the hair replacement system

Simply, human hair, strand by teeny tiny strand is hand-woven into a hair system base – lace, polyurethane (skin) or monofilament. There are no magic spells, test-tubes or cauldrons used.

The hair system is then posted directly to you for cutting-in, whether this is at a specialist salon of your choice, one of the Hair Hub affiliated salons nationwide, or a trained mobile hair-stylist at your home.

Sounds pretty straight forward? We think so, but our staff have been wearing hair systems for over two decades, so we can confidently call ourselves hair replacement aficionados! If you’re not feeling so assured, grab a hand; we will guide you through the entire process.

My job as content connoisseur and general Hair Hub helper is to demystify the world of hair replacement and to bring you practical and simple advice on how to purchase and maintain your hair replacement system.

Follow the blog and stay informed. Next week, I’ll show you how to order a hair system. It’s straightforward, I promise!

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