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The Hair Hub models

by Victoria T |

My job gets more interesting by the day! When I’m not chatting to customers, sourcing new products, writing the monthly newsletter or trying to get my head around the demands of social media, I can also be found browsing customers’ mug-shots like a detective in CSI. Not that I’m conducting a national manhunt, well, not as such.

I am, however, on the hunt for Hair Hub’s ‘Next Top Model’. Recently, we announced we were giving away hair systems for anyone willing to be poked and preened, and then photographed for our online gallery.

We were inundated with volunteers; too many it would appear. My idea of ‘free hair systems for a photo’ may not have been my greatest business decision. ‘Your idea is going to cost us a fortune!’ barked my manager. Pah! Our online gallery will look amazing I bleeted my reply.

And it will. I have selected a cross section of customers; male and female, young and old, to boldly showcase our fabulous hair systems. For many, this will be the first time they will be ‘going public’ with their hair-loss which makes me feel very honoured and proud.

Hair-loss is still such a hush-hush subject. And choosing to cover up hair-loss even more so. Should a woman opt to wear hair extensions or a wig, no one will look twice. Unless she’s very good-looking of course, and then usually someone will spit: ‘Oooh, that’s not even her real hair you know!’ Much in the way I do if my husband oggles a pair of over-inflated breasts on the television. I’m digressing.

For men, and I’m sure for many woman too, it is still a very hard truth to share with loved ones, let alone the wider public. That is why we are delighted that so many customers are allowing us to use their very personal and private images on our website.

Of course, it’s not entirely altruistic. Hair Hub relies on credible customer testimonials and fantastic natural photographs of the products we’re selling. And whilst we have many images of hairlines and scalp appearances, it is often full-faced images prospective customers are looking for.

Our Instagram gallery is an online brochure of what we make, what we sell and how you can look. There is a certain gamble in filling-in an order form for a custom-made hair replacement system. Now, you will be able to see for yourselves some of the options we have available.

Next blog; hair systems on a budget.

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