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Supertape Mini C Contours


SUPERTAPE is arguably one of the industry’s top-selling brands, and for good reason. It adheres quickly, providing a high strength bond. 


- Mini C contours: 36 strips x2  (72 pieces)
- 2-4 week hold time
- Backing liner is white (tape is clear)
- Gentle on skin
- Suitable for all bases


Peel the tape from the backing liner. The adhesive side is placed towards unit. Avoid touching adhesive. Place the mini contour where desired on the hair system. Repeat as needed. When ready to apply to the scalp, peel off the remaining liner pieces. For easier application use Just-Rite Positioning Spray.


Use C-22, which is the most popular remover we sell. Not only is it gentle on skin, but it works fast. It also has a fresh scent (it’s citrus based) and it’s easy to rinse with soap and water.


Test on small area of skin before use.

Supertape Mini C Contours

Supertape Mini C Contours